Swing-N-Slide’s Orbiter Swing Set Review

The Orbiter fits a bit larger family than does the Equinox. Same Swing-N-Slide high quality with still an affordable price. Features of the Orbiter Swing Set

Durable with the maintenance free WoodGuard posts and well-constructed swings.

Built of wood—a higher grade swing set material than metal. Swing-N-Slide makes this set, too, of well-constructed plastic and metal hardware and swings. The posts and beams are thick at 3 ¼-inches and 4-inches. Sturdy. Sealed from weathering with plastic. Chains are coated so they are pinch free.


Fast and very easy set up.

Two adults can set up the Orbiter in two hours or less. Instructions with diagrams are online at Swing-N-Slide. The safety zone yard are required still fits a smaller lot: 21-ft. 5-in. X 26-ft. X 26-ft. 8-in. The set is 7-ft. High. Thus the Orbiter supports a higher swing arc. Customer support by experienced techs through the year and on Saturdays through the summer. Comes with anchors. Passes ASTM safety standards.

A good design for three children.

The Orbiter has two swings plus a trapeze/bar combo swing for gymnastic-type moves. Note the generous weight load. Each swing can carry up to 115 lbs. The Orbiter can entertain the toddlers to the 10 year olds.

Price is competitive. Fits the $200 budget.

If a three-station set will work, you can buy high quality for the competitive price of $201.99 on Amazon. Comes with the extended five year warranty on the WoodGuard sealed posts and on the swings and hardware. Your purchase is protected, and you are buying a swing set will endure for years.

Company name goes with quality.

As noted with the Equinox and Alpine, the Swing-N-Slide brand equals excellent design and high quality. A company with decades of manufacturing history. Products are made in the USA.

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  • Dimensions of 113-in. L x 96-in. W x 84 in. H fits a compact lot.
  • Built from quality materials designed to last for years and years.


  • More expensive than other sets with only three positions


Q: What substitutions of the Swing-N-Slide Accessories will fit the Orbiter?

A: The various child swing seats, the Comfy-n-Secure Coaster for toddlers, the Wind Rider Glider, or the Dual Ride Glider.

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Final Verdict:

Choose quality over quantity of swing stations on lower grade sets if a swing set for one to three children will work for you.

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