The Sportspower Rosemead Metal Swing and Slide Set Review

Sportspower offers another under $200 option for a swing set. The Rosemead offers multiple swing set activities and can handle up to seven kids playing at a time. A set worth considering for the number of stations you get for the money. Features of note for the  Sportspower Rosemead Metal Swing and Slide Set.

Sturdy, heavy-duty grade metal frame. A durable metal swing set.

Sportspower has built their Rosemead set from 2-inch metal tubes described as heavy duty. It’s a metal set that costs more than the Flexible Flyer Backyard Fun Swing Set with Plays. The finish is powder-coated paint, which because of how it’s applied as a dry powder is tougher than liquid paint. The screws and nuts have safety caps, and a vinyl guard wraps the chains offering child protection.



Two adults can set up the Rosemead in a few hours.

Sportspower backs up this product in its USA and international markets with a toll free customer service number. Support personnel can walk you through the assembly. The ground area safety zone needed for this 177-inch L x 104-in. W x 72-in. H is a 14 3/4-ft. By 20 ¾-ft. Yard space. Thus, the Rosemead fits medium to larger yards. The company includes a full instruction manual to address any setup difficulties.

Sportspower’s Rosemead swing set offers unique swings. Designed for fun.

The Rosemead Metal Swing and Slide set has five different swing activities and can keep up to seven children entertained with its variety. It comes with two traditional swings, a 6-foot Long slide with a wavy surface. Also, on it is a disk swing giving a Flying Saucer-type ride. Sportspower’s Flying Saucer swing is patented and can hold two kids at the same time. The roman glider lets two kids swing back and forth together. The Rosemead swing and glider seats are built of blow-molded plastic to save costs and offer a lower priced set. Swing seats can handle up to a 100 lb. child. Ages: toddlers to age 10. You cannot add a mini trampoline or substitute swings.

Priced higher than the Flexible Flyer Backyard fun set, but still a budget-friendly multi-activity set.

Priced in the $250 to $299 range, the Rosemead suits the family who wants to spend a little more. Sportspower’s warranty on this set protects you for six months, and they report a willingness to cover any manufacturing defects up to a year.

An established sporting goods company, Sportspower Ltd., built the Rosemead Metal swing set.

Sportspower Ltd. has a presence in markets around the globe. They sell in the USA and North America, South America, Australia, and European countries. For over 20 years Sportspower has been making products for sports and outdoor exercise. A sporting goods maker who knows about outside play.

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A variety of  activities on the set for the price

High number of kids (7) can play on the set at once

Still a budget-friendly price on a larger set.


No anchors are included so not as sturdy

Only a 6-ft. High top beam so kids can’t swing as high.


Q: What kind of surface is recommended?

A: The Consumer Product Safety Commission says use double shredded bark mulch, uniform wood chips, fine gravel, or fine sand.

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Final Verdict:

Compare carefully the Backyard Fun Swing Set with Plays made by Flexible Flyer with Sportspower Ltd.’s Rosemead Metal Swing and Slide Set. Check out the materials used in the metal frame and the plastics and coatings used throughout. Consider the warranties and who will stand behind their product.

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