Sportspower Live Oak Metal Swing and Slide Set Review

When I had my first child, my wife and I were living in an apartment. While it was a nice place overall, we knew that if we had another kid, we’d need to move to a bigger space. Cut to one year later, and my wife is pregnant with our second child, meaning that we had to find a house.

I had never grown up with a big backyard, but I felt that it was important to have for my children so that they could spend a lot of time playing outside, rather than being stuck indoors watching television.

After some searching, we found a place with a beautiful backyard. However, I knew that to make it even more worthwhile we’d need some kind of playset for the kids to play on. That’s when I found the Sportspower Live Oak Swing and Slide Set.

I wanted to get a set that would have more than just swings so that my children could spend hours playing on it, which is why I chose this model. If you’re looking for a (relatively) inexpensive addition to your backyard that your children will love, then get this swing set.

Durable Construction

When I first got the box holding the parts, I was amazed at how light it all was. I thought I would have to enlist some help from my friends to get it into the backyard, but I was able to manage by myself. At first, that kind of worried me since I thought it meant that the set wasn’t going to be stable. However, after putting it together and testing it out, I knew it would stand up for a long time.


That being said, it is only rated for up to one hundred pounds per swing and on the slide, so I would not recommend this set for larger kids, and certainly don’t try to sit on it yourself. Otherwise, it’s sturdy enough for little children and their friends.

Adjustable Swing Height

One of the best features that I like about this swing set is the adjustable height for the swings. I assumed that the chain length would be only one size, but thankfully you can customize it to meet your child’s needs. I also like the fact that the chains come with nylon covers, both so I don’t have to worry about rusting and so I don’t have to worry about little fingers getting caught.

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  • Built to last
  • Weather resistant
  • Slide and see-saw included
  • Easy to use
  • Hours of fun for kids
  • Fits in most backyards
  • Versatile playset
  • Easy to assemble


  • In some cases, the set may come with incomplete parts
  • While it is rated for up to 800 pounds, certain elements can break easier than others
  • Not ideal for older children (8 and up)


  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Easy to follow building instructions
  • Weather resistant coating
  • Swing chains are coated with vinyl for safety
  • Adjustable swing height
  • Comes with three swings
  • One trapeze
  • Slide included
  • See-saw on the side
  • Holds up to eight kids
  • 800-pound weight limit


What are the dimensions of the set?

According to the manufacturer, the dimensions are 154” long, 95” wide, and 73” high. (13ft x 8ft x 6ft)

Are there a lot of parts for assembly?

Kind of, but it’s mostly screws and bolts. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of different sizes, so you need to double check that you got all of them. The instructions are easy to follow, though, which is nice.

How heavy is the box?

Remarkably, you can lift it by yourself with no problem. The metal is fairly light but surprisingly durable. You shouldn’t need two people to move it.

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Final Verdict

Once my one-year-old got on this swing set, I knew that it would be a hit. Getting a backyard was a great way to ensure that our children would get enough sun and exercise, and the SportsPower Live Oak Swing and Slide Set is the perfect addition to our home. Overall I am very satisfied with this product.

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