Outdoor Activities For Babies

Babies need to break free from the fragile environment that they are enclosed in to explore the outside environment.

The outdoor environment is essential for the rapid growth of the baby. There is a certain age when the baby needs to move to the next stage without the guardian or parent. There are several things that a baby can do while outdoors.

It is good to explore nature together with your baby at each stage of their life. It provides time for bonding, and the baby learns about so many new things. The following outdoor activities will boost the morale, strength and general growth of your baby.

Outdoor Toys

Know that the baby has gotten used to indoor games and playing it is high time to transfer some of those toys outside so that the baby can enjoy having fun with the toys outdoors. There is nowhere it is indicated that toys cannot be brought outside.

The baby will love hearing the outdoor sounds and feel the breeze. Some of the toys that can be used outdoors are baby bikes, lightweight footballs. However, factors such as the weather get to determine when it is suitable for the baby to go outdoors.

The weather must be conducive at all times so as to protect the baby from harm. Try creating sometime in the baby’s program for such an activity. It could be in the afternoons on certain days of the week when the weather is cool enough.

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It is always advisable to go for such walks in the evening when the sun rays are not that scorching.  A twenty or fifteen-minute walk would do just fine, and the baby does not need to be tired. The walk can just be around the block from your home.

If the baby has begun to walk on their own, this would be a great opportunity for them to exercise and perfect the art of walking. For the babies who still cannot work, there are baby carriers which can be used to carry them during the walk.

These moments are always memorable, speak or sing to the baby during the walk. It’s time for the baby to learn new things for example language. Always ensure the baby is in the right clothing when going for a walk.


Babies love water so much. It would be a great idea one of those sunny days to take your baby to the pool and let him or her enjoy splashing the water as you watch their face get filled with joy.

For the record, there are specific pools that have been designed specifically for babies. This is a way of avoiding unnecessary accidents. Get to the baby pool and put your baby in it with some floating toys such as balls, boats, and ducks.

To make the experience worthwhile, you can join once in a while and enjoy the pool water with your baby. Water always works magic on people’s skin so ensure the baby enjoys the pool as frequent as possible.

Sandy Time

Those residing near the beach are one lucky lot. During weekends especially Saturdays you can take the baby to the beach and let him or her build castles on the sand as you watch over them.

Always be cautious when with the baby at the beach ensure they do not get into the water. To make it fun, you can bring along some toys such as toy buckets and spades. Let the baby get dirty and feel the texture of the sand all over their body.

Alternatively, you can setup a sandbox in your backyard for the baby to explore. This can be used in the circumstance that there is no possible access to a beach. It is nice to watch your baby attempting to pick up the sand and see it slip through his or her fingers.


Swings are also part of the outdoor activities which a baby ought to explore. However with swinging the baby needs to be highly supervised since they might end up hurting themselves.

Swings can be set up at home right in your back yard, or you can visit public parks where there are swings. The baby feels good when the swing rocks back and forth. These little activities make the baby always look forward to the next swinging session.

Always ensure safety is guaranteed before embarking on the swinging mission. To me, this is the greatest that a baby would enjoy but we must note that age is a factor which should be highly considered.

Bubble Fun

Blowing bubbles helps in building the babies hand-eye coordination. It is so awesome to hear the baby laughing lively as he watches the bubbles float in the air. These are among the few activities that will leave the baby wanting for more.

The bubbling toy costs much less than what other activities would have cost. I would recommend parents to try out this activity since it incorporates lots of stuff together. The baby gets to walk as he chases the floating bubbles.


Riding helps the baby improve on power and other aspects. When the baby reaches the right age, it is essential to choose the right type of bike. A baby over the age of four is big enough to handle a bike of course with the help of an adult. However, I would prefer you introduce the activity later in their life.

Final Words

Let the baby enjoy and get to feel nature all over their skin. Above all safety is the most important factor which we should always have in mind. The activities should also not be done in excess try taking things with moderation.

The above mentioned outdoor activities have been used time and again, and they have proven to be of great help to a baby.

John Fielder

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