The Flexible Flyer Backyard Fun Swing Set with Plays Review

This swing set, made by a traditional American company, is a set worth studying if you have a number of kids and a backyard with space. Note: the Flexible Flyer Backyard Fun Swing Set with Plays, Model #42015T, is no longer in production, but some stores are still selling back stock. Features of Flexible Flyer’s Backyard Fun Swing Set with Plays.





Made out of four posts and a beam of tubular steel so it will hold up.

Ivory powder coated metal and HDPE (high density polyethylene) dark hunter green plastic parts have UV protection against fading from the sun. HDPE has a high strength to density ratio so it’s strong.

As for rust, with the recommended maintenance of coating the metal parts with oil twice a month, rust should not be a problem with the set for years. Powder coating is tougher than paint. The chains are adjustable and covered with vinyl to protect fingers and metal. My best friend owner of bestguitaradvisor request and help me to do this review about it. Thank to him.

Easy to Set Up

Check online for instructional videos plus a PDF manual to download from Flexible Flyer.It only takes a couple of hours to set up this swing set. Instructions include clear diagrams and easy to read pictures. Customer service is good at this company.

For any additional help you may need, you can call toll free Monday through Friday through the business day or email questions. Dimensions of the set on the ground are 6-ft. H x 11-ft. 11-in. W x 10-ft. 10-in. D.

And thus with the required 6-ft. safety zone around the swing set, you’ll need an area of 24-ft. Width x 23-ft. Depth. This set does not come with anchors to stabilize it. Concrete is the solution.

Well-designed for the money. With six different stations, up to eight kids can swing and slide at a time.

Comes with a green wavy-surfaced slide, a two-child see-saw with good functioning seats and handles, a trapeze swing to reach up for, a two-seat air glider, and  two swings with comfortable, green seats. The height is 6-ft. Each seat can carry up to 105 lbs. Thus, you get an outdoor gym for up to eight kids ages two to 10.

Priced in the budget friendly range. Warranty is limited.

Priced at $189.49 on Amazon and found on sale for $119, this large swing set is very much a deal. The warranty is limited to 180 days from date of purchase. Covered:
defects in materials, workmanship, and rust on painted parts that compromises the structural integrity of the product. Surface rust is not covered.

Flexible Flyer is a well established USA company known for good products.

Flexible Flyer Company started up in 1889. It is the largest American manufacturer of swing sets for consumers. The company has a proven track record of making basically sturdy swing sets. Flexible Flyer delivers a lot at an economical price.

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  • A lot of stations and a high number of kids can play for under $200.
  • Comes with detailed instructions allowing quick assembly time—two hours.


  • Some surface rust likely over time.
  • Warranty only extends six months.
  • At a height of six feet, kids can only swing so high. A limited arc.


What kind of maintenance is suggested for the Flexible Flyer Backyard Fun Swing Set?

At least twice a month oil the metal. Any kind of oil. When it rains a lot, wipe the set dry.

What kind of anchoring is recommended?

Anchors do not come with the Backyard Fun Swing Set by Flexible Flyer. You should anchor the set in concrete.

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Final Verdict:

If your budget is limited, and you will take the time to maintain the metal with oil, you can get years of swing set use for your kids and their friends—up to eight all total—for a very low price.

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