The Equinox Swing Set by Swing-N-Slide Review

The Equinox is the lowest priced model offered by Swing-N-Slide, a company noted in American and international markets for its higher quality and exceptionally well-design play products. The Equinox is worthy of study as a model of a smaller size but high quality swing set. Features of the Equinox Swing Set.


Built with wood. More durable than metal. Quality is very high.

Swing-N-Slide built the Equinox with WoodGuard protection around its solid cedar 3 ¼-inch posts and 4-inch beam. WoodGuard is a plastic seal against the weather and wear. And WoodGuard seals the ends that are on the ground, too. No need with this set to re-stain. The chains are vinyl coated, which is much better than vinyl wrapped chains. Pinch free. Thus, you get construction much heavier and sturdier than metal. No splinters or rough edges on the wood. The Equinox set meets or exceeds ASTM standards. (American Society for Testing and Materials—testers of materials, components, and architectural design.)


Easy to build.

Download a twenty page, illustrated PDF instruction guide from Swing-N-Slide for a detailed guide. Also, customer support persons are on call Monday through Friday during the business week and on Saturdays April to July. Technical help comes from individuals who have actually built the swing set themselves. The yard area required for the two-swing Equinox is only 13 ½-ft. By 13 ¾-ft. Perfect for small families with small yards. Swing-N-Slide does equip the Equinox with anchors, but also recommends adding concrete to the stakes in softer or sandier soils.

Simple design with only two swings.

The Equinox sports only two basic swings. However, you can spend more and buy accessory swings to substitute for variety. See the accessories page on the company site to add the child seat, the Comfy-n-Secure Coaster swing, or the Wind Rider Glider. This set is for up to two kids at a time. Each seat holds up to 115 lbs. so the set suits ages three to 10. Also the beam is 7 feet high, which allows for higher, more adventurous swinging. Dimensions are 92-in. L x 96-in. W x 84-in. H.

Price fits a budget, and you get a small two-swing set. High-protection 5-year warranty included.

What you get with the Equinox is a price in line with budget models, but a small swing set made of the highest grade materials. Still priced under $200 at $183.32 on Amazon. Manufacturer’s limited warranty covers wood rot and termite damage for 5 years. And the structural integrity of the wood is covered, too. The company also backs up the materials and workmanship in all brackets and swings for five years.

Built by Swing-N-Slide, a company bringing firsts in design and manufacture to swing sets.

Swing-N-Slide has been making swing sets for thirty years. This company has been first in innovative swing and slide designs. They build with top safety and durability standards. Their A-frame brackets and WoodGuard shields around the wood offer design quality worth noting.

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Durable sealed solid wood.

Attractive cedar and green colors.

Easy to assemble.

Fits a small yard space.


Less variety of activities with only two swings.

Only two children can swing at a time. For small families only.


Q. What type of ground surface cover is advised?


A. Swing-N-Slide recommends wood mulch, bark mulch, wood chips, or sand for the area under the set. Note the recommended dimensions of the swing safety zone before you buy ground cover materials.

Q. How much time with how many adults does it take to assemble the Equinox?
A. It takes two hours for two adults to build the Equinox set. For those with absolutely no construction experience, it may take longer. Easy to assemble.

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Final Verdict:

If you are still hoping to stay under $200, you are content with only two swings plus you desire a wooden swing set because it is sturdier and will never rust, the Equinox solves your budget problem while still delivering state-of-the-art quality. This set works for families staying with two kids.

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