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Nothing gets kids more excited than playing on their own swing set. It’s the best way for them to get outside and play, while you can spend your time inside watching them. While the park does offer a different place to play, a backyard swing set is a kid’s dream.

They can slide around, or swing all day long without having to get into a car. If you’re a parent with plenty of backyard space, you can do yourself and your kids a favor by getting a swing set they’ll love. Here are five of the best swing sets on the market you and your family will enjoy.

Backyard Discovery Prairie Ridge All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

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Now that we have covered the essentials of choosing a Wooden Swing Set, it’s time we have go through the reviews of the top five. I have spent a lot of time comparing these products and I am confident you will find the following satisfactory.

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Backyard Discovery Somerset All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

Ready to Assemble Wooden

Backyard Discovery Somerset All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Somerset

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing

Backyard Discovery Prairie

Playground Children Play Swing Set

Playground Children Play

Backyard Discovery Tucson All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Tucson

1. Ready to Assemble Wooden Swing Set

Ready to Assemble Wooden Swing Set

Editor Rating:

The cedar lumber of this swing set gives it a comfortable feeling when you’re looking at it.

The cedar gives off a relaxing smell that will relax your kids and allow them to have more fun.

There’s a certain feel for having a wooden swing set, especially in today’s world where most sets are made of plastic.

​The multi-colored roof will capture anyone’s attention. The arched design allows rain and snow to fall off the canopy without letting it sit and build up. It keeps the integrity of the canopy intact, and will keep your kids shaded from the sun. It’s a nice addition for a wooden swing set.

The rock wall allows your kids to climb to the platform to get to the slide. It’s ideal for letting your kids get out and exercise. The multi-colored rocks give it a pleasing look, and it will help teach your kids about different shapes. They’ll be enjoying themselves with the rock wall, they may not ever get off the set.The screen-printed chalk wall tarp allows your kids to draw on the wall.

The lettering and border are built for the outdoors, since it won’t warp or wear down. The lower sandbox is the perfect for your kids to practice building sand castles. The ten-year warranty guarantees you’ll be using the swing set for a long time.

2. Backyard Discovery Somerset All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Somerset All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

Editor Rating:

The cedar swing set provides plenty of options for your kids. The play deck connects to the slide and it offers two belt swings.

A trapeze swing is ideal for any kid who wants to change up their swinging time.

It’s a popular swing set that your kids will enjoy playing on, and you might not be able to get them off of it. The upper play deck offers a large space that your kids can play on. The outdoor clubhouse is covered with a green and yellow canvas roof that will draw their attention.

The roof is slanted to dispel rain and snow, and it will protect your kids from the sun. It’s an excellent addition for this swing set.The lower play area features a snack stand, so your kids can practice selling their lemonade to the neighborhood kids. The built-in bench allows them to sit and rest after they’ve been running around.

Your kids will enjoy everything this swing set has to offer, especially when their friends come around.The two standard belt swings and trapeze bar provides hours of fun for your kids. The slide is eight feet long and provides enough speed to get them excited.

The slide is safe for any kid to go down, allowing you to sit back and relax. The solid rock climbing wall offers your kids a challenge to reach the ladder.

3. Backyard Discovery Prairie Ridge All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Prairie Ridge All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

Editor Rating:

This swing set is one of the most popular ones on the market. The large upper deck has a canopy that provides protection from the sun and the weather.

The slide is the perfect for your kids to enjoy themselves. The playground glider is large enough to hold two kids on it at the same time.

The swing set offers a Backyard Discovery Kids fort on the upper deck. An observation window allows them to peek out to view the animals or whoever’s coming outside. The solid front wall is sturdy enough to hold their weight when they’re peeking out the window.

They’ll love the window to spy on one another.A snack stand on the bottom of the set allows your kids to practice their lemonade selling skills. The built-in bench gives them a place to rest after they’re done running around. The sandbox area can hold up to 350 lbs. of sand to keep them occupied. They’ll love practicing their sandcastle building skills in the sandbox.

The swing set offers monkey bars to give your kids a new challenge once they’re done with the other things. The standard ladder is easy enough for the smallest kid to climb up to the slide. Your kids will love everything this swing set has to offer, and you’ll be happy watching them run around on it.

4. Playground Children Play Swing Set

Playground Children Play Swing Set

Editor Rating:

This large swing set provides enough things to do for every kid. They’ll be able to get their daily exercise, and you can relax inside.

It’s an excellent swing set for parents who don’t always want to go to the park. It has a lot of different activities your kids will love; they may not stop playing on it.

The wooden swing set has four different activities that will keep your kids occupied while you get some work done. It’s large enough to keep up to seven kids running around. It’s the ideal swing set for all the kids in the neighborhood to come over and play.

Your kids will be the most popular on the block with this swing set.The swing set is an excellent deal for any parent that doesn’t want to buy a new swing set every few years. It will hold up over time, and you’ll be able to save money over time with this one. There’s endless options your kids will discover if you have this swing set in your backyard.

There are swings and a long slide included with the swing set. The upper deck has canopies to keep your kids out of the sun. You won’t have to worry about rain water or snow piling up on the canopies during the colder months. The ladder is easy to climb, which is ideal for any kid.

5. Backyard Discovery Tucson All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

Unbranded Motobecane Fixie Bicycle Frame Set

Editor Rating:

This popular swing set provides enough activities for any kid. Two belt swings offer them plenty of swing time.

A trapeze swing will give them a different challenge for when they’re done swinging.

The slide is built for speed and safety, making it ideal for any kid playing on the swing set.

The upper deck offers a lot of room for multiple kids to play. The green and yellow canopy provides shade, and allows water and snow to slide off easily. Your kids will be able to relax on the upper deck once they’re exhausted. It’s the perfect deck for any kid that wants to take a little time to themselves.

The lower play area has a sandbox for your kids to feel like they’re on a beach. Since kids love sand, they’ll probably spend more time in the sandbox than anywhere else. The snack stand is ideal for letting your kids practice their sales skills. They’ll be able to sell ice cream in the snow after playing on this swing set.

The rock climbing wall ladder offers a challenge for any kid who wants to get to the upper deck and reach the slide. They’ll be enjoying themselves as they climb higher and faster with practice. You’ll enjoy watching them try to climb the rock wall, and it’s an excellent idea for any swing set.

Final Verdict

Having a swing set in your backyard can help your kids get their daily exercise and keep you from travelling to the park every day. Swing sets offer a lot of variety to keep them preoccupied. If you’re looking for a swing set, I recommend the Backyard Discovery Tucson All Cedar Wood Play set Swing Set.

It has plenty to offer for every kid, including swings, a slide, and a challenging rock wall. It’s the perfect swing set to leave out in the backyard, even during the winter months. Your kids will love the swing set once it’s set up and fully assembled. You’ll enjoy watching your kids play on this swing set.

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