Best Swing Sets for Older Kids- Guide & Review

Swing sets can be fun for children and keep them occupied for hours outside, but it appears there aren’t a lot of nice swing sets for grown-up kids. You can find tons of different kinds of swing sets and play sets for younger kids, but if you want the greatest swing set for older kids, you need to find one that is high quality and reliable that will hold bigger kids.

Just because your children are older doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun swinging and playing in their backyard. Although today, you will still find some plain in design like this, you will and should prefer those that have been built to support children play safely. Wood swings are by far the most popular there is in the business. They are preferred because they tend to complement the construction of a home and perfectly fit in the original yard setting.

Vinyl, unlike wooden swing sets, these are somewhat more expensive than wood. But while they may put one off with their price, they more than compensate for it when it comes to maintenance. Metals today are used for the foundation of just about anything. Their malleability and growth of technology in their manufacture allow for their manipulation and has led to their increased use.

Flexible Flyer "Triple Fun" Swing Set

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Now that we have covered the essentials of choosing Best Swing Sets for Older Kids, it’s time we have go through the reviews of the top five. I have spent a lot of time comparing these products and I am confident you will find the following satisfactory.

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Backyard Discovery Prairie Ridge All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Prairie

Playground Children Play Swing Set

Playground Children Play

Backyard Discovery Tucson All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Tucson

Flexible Flyer Fun

Flexible Flyer "Triple Fun"

1. Backyard Discovery Prairie Ridge All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Prairie Ridge All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

Editor Rating:

The Prairie Ridge is a full-featured cedar swing set with monkey bars your kids will appreciate for years.

They’ll have hours of lively fun climbing the regular ladder to the upper deck or crossing the monkey bars, and then zipping down the 8' Super Safe Speedy Slide. 

Swinging on the swing set and playing on the covered upper deck will make for great summer memories. Out on the swing beam, there are two belt swings plus a two-person glider for hours of swinging fun.

There’s an overlooking window up top for maximum high-level fun and a window down below with built-in bench. And when it's time to cool down, the built-in sandbox will let your child’s imagination wander.

2. Playground Children Play Swing Set

Playground Children Play Swing Set

Editor Rating:

Kids benefit from frequent physical activity, while you benefit from knowing the kids are secure in your backyard.

This wooden swing set features 4 activities that will keep multiple kids busy at the same time Wooden swing set offers immense value in outdoor play for the whole summer. 

You can climb the step ladder or the fun bumpy rock climbing wall to reach the spacious fort. The set comes complete with a 4’ high upper deck and colorful cover for a playful look. If you need to get back to the ground level, you simply speed down the 8’ slide, and most kids will laugh the whole way down.

Beneath the fort deck, you’ll notice a sandbox section with a mesh sandbox cover for even more play and activities. Once you’re out on the swing bar, you can slide back and forth on the 2 belt swings or take a trip on the 2 person glider. This is a striking play set that is suited for ages 3-10.

3. Backyard Discovery Tucson All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Tucson All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

Editor Rating:

The Backyard Discovery Tucson Cedar Playset swing set can provide the excitement of play in a compact design.

This cedar swing set is an ideal choice for smaller yards and household budgets. 

This eco-friendly cedar swing set includes activities that are sure to keep your child busy and entertained for hours on end. The Tucson outdoor wooden playset has a covered upper wooden deck that extends to cover the lower area as well.

The wooden swing set has two belt swings and an acrobat beam to keep three kiddos happily swinging at one time. Scamper up to the deck on the combo ladder/rock wall and then zip down on the Super Safe Speedy Slide.

4. Flexible Flyer Fun Fantastic II Swing Set

Flexible Flyer Fun Fantastic II Swing Set

Editor Rating:

The Flexible Flyer Fun Fantastic Swing Set II enables children to play for hours in their backyard.

The swing set provides great fun time while making your children fit and healthy. The charming design of the set offers multiple play components.

The Fun Fantastic Swing Set II by Flexible Flyer is constructed from steel and vinyl that ensures years of reliable use. It features a beige finish that maintains a playful and cheerful mood in the house. The set has a swing and small slide that offers multiple fun elements to the kids.

These three swings have changeable vinyl coated chain that allows your children to enjoy the play time to the fullest. The slide has a gentle and smooth slope for safe and soft landing. It has a trapeze swing that offers excellent exercise.

It also features a see-saw for two that through to increase the amusement in the play routine. The steel tube frame is powder coated that makes it heavy-duty and offers excellent stability to the entire swing set.

5. Flexible Flyer "Triple Fun" Swing Set

Flexible Flyer "Triple Fun" Swing Set

Editor Rating:

This delightful swing set from Flexible Flyer is known as ‘Triple Fun.’ The four leg gym set features a 6’ midnight blue wave slide and three-midnight blue kid comfortable swings with vinyl protected adjustable height chains for hours of delightful play time. 

There’s also a two child see-saw with blue deluxe seats with handles for adventurous teeter-tottering. This swing set is built to last, with all painted parts and HDPE plastic parts are coated for UV protection.

That means that each element of this set will not fade, no matter how harsh the sunlight. Keep in mind there is a weight restriction here of 105 pounds per seat, and suggested that children between the ages of 2 and 10 enjoy this swing set.

There’s a bit of assembly required, but all of this is clearly outlined in the assembly guide.

Final Verdict

Owning a swing set is a way to get your children off the couch and into the outdoors. These are some of the best sets on the market. They are all built from durable components and are safe enough for everyday use.

When you have a swing set, you’re going to see that it adds to the happiness of your children, and will enhance their physical well-being. But you can only enjoy these benefits when you have a swing set that is incredibly safe and built from durable materials.

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