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Do you have children who refuse to go play outside because there’s nothing to do out there? Are you concerned that your kids don’t get enough exercise and physical activity each day? Then maybe you need to buy them a swing set! Swing sets are a great way for kids to play outside and get some physical activity while having fun.

If you’re in the market for a metal swing set for your backyard, then you’re in luck. I’ve researched all the best swing sets available on the internet, and created this list of five of the best. Here are short reviews on each one:

Sportspower Rosemead Metal Swing and Slide Set

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Now that we have covered the essentials of choosing a Best Metal Swing Sets, it’s time we have go through the reviews of the top five. I have spent a lot of time comparing these products and I am confident you will find the following satisfactory.

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Flexible Flyer "World Of Fun"

Sportspower Rosemead Metal

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing

Flexible Flyer Play Park

Flexible Flyer Fun Fantastic

Flexible Flyer “Triple Fun”

1. Flexible Flyer “World Of Fun” Swing Set

Flexible Flyer “World Of Fun” Swing Set

Editor Rating:

This full-featured swing set from Flexible Flyer has six different activities that your children can enjoy.

It has swings, a rocket rider, a trapeze swing, a see-saw, a slide, and an air glider.


​The frame of this swing set is built to last! It’s made from high-strength steel tube which is powder coated grey or black to prevent rusting due to the elements. All handles, seats, and the slide are made from bright green injection molded plastic so they’re safe, lightweight, and strong.

All chains are covered with vinyl so little fingers won’t get pinched. This swing set is built with safety, strength, and durability in mind.


​Before you buy the World of Fun swing set, you should be aware of the recommendations from the manufacturer. Suggested ages are from 2 to 10 years old. Maximum weight for each seat or device is 105 pounds, and 10 kids can play at a time, for a grand total weight of 1,050 pounds!

The World of Fun swing set is a strong and sturdy unit that many kids can enjoy at the same time.


​Often the hardest part of buying a new swing set is getting it put together. Flexible Flyer uses a “quick assembly” design to make assembly easier and faster for everyone.

Customers report that assembly was difficult for some, but most were able to put it together with two people in around 3-4 hours, so not too bad.

​This is a large, well-built swing set made for use by multiple kids, and it should last for a long time. It’s made in the U.S.A. and features a 180 day warranty.

2. Sportspower Rosemead Metal Swing and Slide Set

Sportspower Rosemead Metal Swing and Slide Set

Editor Rating:

The Rosemead swing set from Sportspower is a big one, best suited for medium to large sized backyards.

The Fun

There are four different fun and exciting activities your kids can do on the Rosemead swing set. They can go down the six-foot slide, swing on the two swings, or enjoy riding on the roman glider.

The feature that sets this swing set apart from others is the Flying Saucer swing. This patented swing is a round saucer that holds up to two kids at a time and swings like a regular swing! Your kids will love it whether they’re swinging or using it to lounge around.

The Construction

The Rosemead swing set frame is made out of 2” heavy-duty steel tubes that are powder coated to resist rust and provide durability. The swings, glider, and slide are made from blow-molded plastic so they’re going to last.

The Flying Saucer swing is made from a durable nylon fabric which will hold 100 pounds rather easily.


Sportspower does everything parents like to see when it comes to safety on a swing set. All chains are vinyl coated so nobody gets pinched, rubber bumpers are provided for anywhere bolts protrude from the frame, and there are no pinch points or sharp edges to be found!

This swing set is certified to meet ASTM safety standards, and is recommended for children 6 years and up.

If you want a large swing set with a Flying Saucer swing you can’t find anywhere else, the Rosemead from Sportspower is the one you’ve been looking for!

3. Flexible Flyer Play Park Swing Set

Flexible Flyer Play Park Swing Set

Editor Rating:

This is another quality swing set that’s made in the U.S.A. by Flexible Flyer!

The Play Park swing set has five activities that your kids will love to do. Up to four of them can ride the lawn swing, two people can ride the swings, there’s a two-passenger air glider, a trapeze swing to hang from, and a cool six-foot wave slide.

This large set allows up to 10 children to play at one time!


The A-frame for this swing set is made from 2” steel tube for proven durability. Other sizes of steel tube are used for the activities, and all steel parts are powder coated for rust resistance. The slide and lawn swing are constructed from blow-molded plastic which is lightweight and strong.

Steel chains are used to hang the swings and trapeze, and are coated with vinyl to avoid pinches. Swing and trapeze heights are adjustable. Heavy duty hardware is included.


When you first look at this swing set, it looks like it would be difficult to put together, but that’s not the case. Most customers were able to assemble the Play Park in 3-6 hours, depending on the amount of help they received.

Several noted that the instructions were clear and easy to follow, they just had to be patient and take their time to avoid mistakes.If you’re looking for a large swing set that includes the popular lawn swing, the Play Park is a great choice for you. Flexible Flyer’s 180-day warranty is included.

4. Flexible Flyer Fun Fantastic II Swing Set

Flexible Flyer Fun Fantastic II Swing Set

Editor Rating:

The Fun Fantastic II is another large swing set available from Flexible Flyer with some different activities for your children to enjoy.

Kids will love all the different activities that the Fun Fantastic II comes with. 

They can play on the see-saw, hang from the trapeze swing, cruise on the air glider, go down the slide, use the standard swings, or try out the unique shoe-loop swing, which they use standing up! Up to nine kids at a time can enjoy this big swing set.


All of the quality materials you expect from Flexible Flyer are used in the Fun Fantastic II. High-strength steel tube parts that are powder coated to eliminate rust, heavy-duty hardware, and injection-molded plastic parts are all used to make this a strong and durable swing set.

All chains are vinyl coated to eliminate pinches, and the plastic parts also have UV protection, so they won’t fade from the sun.


Assembly times for this swing set are comparable to other Flexible Flyer sets. Most people were able to construct the Fun Fantastic II in anywhere from 3-6 hours, depending upon if they had any help. Most noted that the instructions were easy to follow.

If you want a swing set with a see-saw and a shoe-loop swing, this is a great one to choose. This swing set is recommended for children from 2 to 10 years old up to 105 pounds, and comes with Flexible Flyer’s 180-day warranty.

5.Flexible Flyer “Triple Fun” Swing Set

Flexible Flyer “Triple Fun” Swing Set

Editor Rating:

If you’re tired of your kids fighting over the two swings on most swing sets, you might need to look into Flexible Flyer’s Triple Fun swing set.

Three Swings

Although this swing set is a little smaller than the others presented here, it really comes through on the most popular activity for any swing set: the swings. The Triple Fun has three swings with adjustable height vinyl-covered chains, a see-saw, and a 6-foot wave slide for your children to enjoy.

The swings and slide are made from HDPE plastic with UV protection, so they won’t fade from the sun.


As with all swing sets, there are limits recommended by the manufacturer. For the Triple Fun, suggested age range is 2-10 years old, 105 pounds, and no more than 6 children or 630 pounds at one time.


The Triple Fun is a smaller A-frame swing set than the others mentioned above, with more basic activities. As a result, assembly times are much lower. Many people were able to assemble this swing set in 3 hours by themselves, or 2 hours with another person. Compared with the other swing sets here, this is by far the quickest and easiest to put together.

As with all Flexible Flyer swing sets, the Triple Fun comes with a 180-day warranty and is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Final Verdict

If you plan on buying a swing set for your children, you can’t go wrong by picking any one of the five listed above. However, I always like to name a champion when I create these lists. For the best metal swing set, my favorite is the Flexible Flyer “World Of Fun” Swing Set.

It has six different fun activities, it has great features for construction, durability, and safety, and I love that it’s made in the U.S.A. and comes with a nice 3-month warranty. For a swing set with lots to do at a price you’ll love, the World of Fun is a fantastic value.

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