The Alpine Custom Ready-to-Build Swing Set by Swing-N-Slide Review

With the Alpine, you get plans for three different custom sets. You decide what swings and slides will be on your final set. And you get a wood tower to play in. The quality and quantity of accessory swinging stations available for the Alpine well meets the needs for fun and play right in your yard.

Accessories listed on the Swing-N-Slide site gear a set for all the ages and stages of developing kids. With the Alpine, Swing-N-Slide offers a premium wooden set. Again, design standards and quality of materials are among the highest found in the swing set world. Features of the Alpine Custom Ready-to-Build Swing Set

Swing-N-Slide sells high quality, long lasting parts.

A study of the wood and the plastic, the patented bracket design, and the anchoring system, and more that go into the Alpine kit hardware and all of the accessories should give you reason to consider that you will get the quality you pay for.


A more involved half day set up. Easy to follow instructions with great customer support.

The Alpine takes a 28-ft. X 33-ft. Yard area for this single tower, custom, DIY building project. And the Alpine project needs two adults with five to 10 hours of time to complete it. Just as with the Equinox, you can download a complete PDF construction guide for each plan from Swing-N-Slide

Though there are more decisions to make to get to a finished swing set, experienced online customer support backs you up.

The Alpine offers state-of-the art efficient design—eight play stations for up to 12 kids playing at one time.

Some suggested stations for the 611 are the Cool Wave Slide, the Climbing Cargo Net Kit, and the Shooting Star Disc Swing. Swing-N-Slide recommends the Cool Wave Slide, the Climbing Rock Holds, the child seat, the Steering Wheel, the Climbing Cargo Net, and the Dual Ride Glider for the 612.

And for the 615, add to what’s been mentioned, the Ring/Trapeze combo swing, the Comfy-n-Secure Coaster Swing for Toddlers, the Summit Slide, the Wind Rider Glider, and the 5-ft. Turbo Tube. The heights of colorful and imaginative swing set combinations are possible with the Alpine.

Substitutions are possible as your kids desire new adventures in play. 115 lbs per seat is the limit. For ages two to 10.

Price is high, but the Alpine provides a full swing and tower playhouse kit for a premium, top-of-the-line swing set.

The Alpine is a do-it-yourself play station set designed for families who want the highest quality and the most fun for their children. Because you build it out, you do save on labor costs. The kit runs at $129.49 at retailers such as Amazon.

The total project cost for the kit plus all materials can run from $550 to $1,300 depending on the plan you build and the accessories you buy. The cost, though, is in line with its world class quality.

Swing-N-Slide offers their five year warranty on the hardware that comes and the accessories you choose to buy so your purchase is protected. You buy the wood from a local hardware store.

Swing-N-Slide is a trustworthy designer and manufacturer of DIY swing set kits.

The 30-year company history is noted under the Equinox set review. Studying the different kits on the Swing-N-Slide site reveals a company paying attention to what families want to buy in kits. With the Alpine, the focus is on custom.

The innovative and creativity within the company is evident in the 40+ different accessory products currently for sale on Swing-N-Slide or through a retailer. With the Alpine kit, a lot more variety in play is possible than with any other swing set we’ve reviewed.

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  • Fully customizable.
  • 12 kids can play.
  • Vary the play activities as your kids grow and develop.


  • Out of the budget of some families.
  • For DIY householders.


Q: What is the area of the play deck?

The play deck area equals 16 square feet with 4-ft or 5-ft or 5-ft. plus 7-ft combined deck heights depending on the plan you choose.

Q: What comes with the kit?

A: Kit includes two swing seats, one multi-colored tarp, one pair safety handles, two pairs swing hangers, one Torx Head drill bit, and 30 brackets with self-drilling lag screws. Plus plans and instructions.


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